Newsletters should form part of your digital marketing campaign. Web Warriors can design and set up a newsletter template for your business. We can write the content, add images and even send it out for you! A great way to stay in touch and to let your customers know about specials and news within your business.

Do you know about Google Adwords? You have probably seen the ads that appear at the top or  at the side of your computer screen? These are AdWord ads that a company has paid for so that people will notice their business whenever they’re searching on Google.

Adwords are a great way to drive traffic to your website. You are in control of your budget and you only pay for results! There are two options:

• CPC - If someone clicks on the ad and it takes them to your website, you pay. If they merely see your ad and do not click through, you don't. This is call cost per click.

• Impressions - People are searching the internet, your ad comes up and you pay. This is called cost per impression. Once again you can set your own budget.  

Web Warriors can help you with your digital marketing campaign - contact us for a free quotation!