Web Domains 101 

Think of a domain name as your business address on the world wide web.

When starting a new website, one of the first and most important decisions you have to make is choosing a domain name.

Contact us to see if your web domain is available or if you need some advice. You can also have a look at WHOIS to see if your chosen domain name is still available. 


Some tips on choosing your domain name:

  • Make it Memorable
  • Keep it short and easy to spell.  Avoid commonly misspelled words, intentional misspellings and hyphens. If you purchase a domain name with numerals, say 1widget.com, also purchase the domain name with the number spelled out – onewidget.com.
  • Make use of keywords or popular search terms whenever possible. e.g knysnawebdesign 
  • Competition for domain names is higher than ever since the average price of a domain fell. There is a chance that your ideal domain name has been snapped up by your competitor. Don't wait too long!
  • Research has proved that owning a premium keyword domain can increase click-through rates on ads and SERP listings. If you have a webdesign business you might want to register abcwebdesign.com for example.
  • Be relevant. Words have implicit meanings and connotations; do a little research to make sure that your domain name communicates your desired message. 
  • Sound authoritative. Your domain name should sound like a trustworthy and credible authority.  Remember Margaret Thatcher’s advice: “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”  Avoid choosing a domain such as bestwebdesign.com.
  • Be unique. One of your marketing goals should be to build a distinct brand that stands out from your competitors. Start by choosing a unique and distinctive domain name. Names like YourDiscountDesignCompany.com sounds a bit boring and unremarkable compared to names such as Google.com, Yahoo.com and Zazzle.com.

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