Make Digital Marketing work for you!


 Social Media gives you so many new ways to interact with your client. Web Warriors offers you Facebook business pages that are designed especially for your business. Talk to your clients and hear what they are thinking. Meet new clients. In December 2014 alone, 890 million people logged onto Facebook daily! We can run Facebook advertising campaigns and competitions for you – easy ways to get new likes, more interaction and even drive traffic to your website.

Don’t feel like doing all the talking? We offer maintenance packages for Twitter / Facebook / Pinterest – we do all the tweets, pinning and facebook posts for you! Contact us for a free quotation.

If you are new to all of this but keen to learn? We will gladly and patiently show you how to set up your twitter and facebook accounts and how they work. Included is a basic, easy to understand manual. In no time YOU will be teaching your friends how to stay in touch with their friends and family overseas etc and how to manage your own social media for your business.


Newsletters – send out monthly newsletters to your clients - talk to them about your new products, services and stay in touch with them. There is a lot of truth in “out of sight, out of mind”.


Search Engine Optimization – (SEO) – your website needs to be found – we cannot emphasize the importance of effective SEO enough – We have some awesome tricks up our sleeves and can help with your website’s performance in google search results and ranking.


Adwords – are a great way to drive traffic to new websites and what’s really nice about them,  is that you can set your budget and control your ad spend. Get your website ad seen by millions and target your audience.


Contact us for a free quotation.